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Experimenting and creating

Mary has been fascinated by oriental copper red glazes for a long time, so now with the installation of a gas kiln at the workshop at Brougham Hall, she has had the chance to experiment. Mary is now in the process of creating a new range of unique pieces. Each vessel is thrown using porcelain clay and then turned to produce a variety of grooved and smooth surfaces. After an initial firing the glazes is applied and the pots are then fired to 1300 degrees centigrade.

Due to the firing process no two pieces will be the same as the flames of the kiln cause different flashes of red on the surface. Mary’s ideas and designs are constantly changing so the photographs here are works in progress. They will be available from the shop at Brougham Hall and at various shows throughout the year, please check the events page for details.

If you would like to know more about new ranges or products please call  01768 899244 or email info@interludeceramics.com 

Red and white porcelain vases